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New Geneva Stoneware was started in 1978 in Masontown, Pennsylvania by Linn Newman. He worked diligently to produce a one of a kind, hand made piece that you would be proud to display in your home. He was committed to preserving the art of this American Craft and wanted it to shine through each piece he produced. Linn retired in 2014 and is happily enjoying his retirement.


    In 2017, Molly’s Haberdashery was born. I am Molly, Linn’s oldest daughter. And I am proud to carry on this tradition. 

We hear so many heart warming stories of stoneware gifts given and received, particularly children and grandchildren of some of my dad’s first customers.

Family has and always will be integral to our work here and we’re happy to be a part of those special occasions with you. Know that each one of a kind piece is made by hand, in that traditional spirit, but with a touch of our appreciation added. 


From our family to yours.


Our traditional and most popular pieces

ALL items are offered in any of the color combinations shown.

(White with blue/green lettering OR Gray with blue/green lettering) 

We offer local deliveries and shipping within the continental US!

Prices include Personalization.

(left to right:)

A-Crock: $85.00 (11"h)

Large Vase: $65.00  (10.5"h)

Medium Vase: $50.00 (9"h)

Half Crock: $55.00 (8"h)

Kitchen Crock: $50.00 (7.5"h)

Great for a one of a kind personalized wedding gift or to mark an anniversary!

Each piece is taken through a multiple step process of 'firing', painting, glaze and re-firing before final inspection and delivery. With that said, it can require 4-6 weeks to produce a finished piece. 

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"Let us make one for you"